About Innovative Diagnostic Laboratory

Innovative Diagnostics Laboratory (“IDL”) is a national clinical reference lab specializing in personalized blood-based testing to find, understand, and treat cancer. IDL’s mission is to provide a comprehensive menu of traditional and advanced clinical evidence-based blood tests that aid in early cancer detection, guide cancer treatment protocols, and monitor remission and recurrence. IDL was formed to focus first on delivering laboratory services to primary care physicians and OB/GYNs in all 50 states to provide individual cancer risk assessment blood tests for the three most prevalent cancer types including lung, colon and prostate. IDL is actively in-licensing and commercializing an array of DNA, RNA, protein and autoantibody blood-based cancer diagnostic tests to address early detection of all major types of cancer.

Approximately 40% of the US population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. IDL provides physicians and their patients at risk of cancer with easy to understand personalized clinical intelligence to improve shared decision making and health outcomes. Today, advanced cancer tests are primarily being marketed to medical specialists including pathologists and oncologists after the patient has been diagnosed with cancer. Often these tests are only available at the leading medical academic medical centers. IDL believes optimal care for those at increased risk for cancer starts with the primary care physician and their patient prior to cancer diagnosis and regardless of where they live. IDL is addressing this gap in the marketplace by commercializing an increasingly broad menu of advance cancer blood tests, supported by strong clinical evidence, and making them available to primary care physicians and OB/GYNs in communities throughout the country.1


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