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If you have questions about your cancer risk, we may have the answers

MyCancerRisk™ is a program offered by Innovative Diagnostic Laboratory (IDL) to help patients and physicians identify a patient’s personal cancer risk. Our individual cancer tests can help find early cancer indicators and provide information needed to pursue the next level of screening and/or encourage the adoption of lifestyle changes that could lower cancer risk. We currently offer tests for Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer.

Find out more about your personal cancer risk by printing the MyCancerRisk Assessment form and bringing to your next doctor's appointment. You can also download our brochure to learn more.

Is there an easier way to determine colon cancer risk?


ColonSentry® is a convenient blood test that measures the expression of 7 gene biomarkers that are indicators of colorectal cancer. ColonSentry requires no fasting, dietary restrictions or stool sample.

Could I be at higher risk for developing lung cancer?


EarlyCDT-Lung is a blood test that measures 7 autoantibodies in the blood that serve as early indicators of lung cancer. EarlyCDT-lung can help detect lung cancers before they are visible by CT.¹

Is there a better test for detecting prostate cancer?


The Prostate Health Index (phi) is a more accurate way to assess prostate cancer risk than PSA and percent free PSA alone and can help differentiate prostate cancer from benign conditions.²